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Storage Solutions

Many things to store, in such a small space... Maybe you don't need more space, what you need a real storage solution.

Sevocity™ EHR

Mobile aisle systems

Pipp mobile storage systems increase capacity and reduce space and cost. They convert non-productive aisles into valuable filing or storage space by compacting rows of shelving into a single aisle configuration.

Sevocity™ EHR

Lateral movable systems

Pipp's innovative EZ-Trak Systems is the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to increase your filing capacity for a wide range of applications. You simply tuck the EZ-Trak base under your shelving, add the front track and carriage and you can now position another shelving unit directly in front. To access the back shelving unit, simply push the mobile unit to the side.

Sevocity™ EHR

End tab shelving

The file cabinet come with factory- installed locks, allowing you to lock all doors or leave open the ones you organized. You can start filing small numbers of files and adjust the divider as the amount of files increases. The expert craftsmanship, heavy-gauge steel construction, and and will give the assurance of a shelf ensure you will have a shelf file that will look good and operate faultlessly for years to come.

Sevocity™ EHR

Times 2 rotary files

A double-depth locking file cabinet that rotates for access from one or both sides. Spin once to access files, spin again to lock and protect files. This is a unique storage system that can be built into walls, panel systems and custom millwork. This storage system comes with dozens of options, accessories, multiple heights and a variety of painted finishes.

Sevocity™ EHR

Lateral file cabinets